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I compete to a high level in triathlon, and elite level at distance runing. This puts a lot of stresses through my

body,  especially the legs, and regular sports massage

from Peer has really helped me stay injury free and recover quickly. I had been suffering from a slightly tight hamstring for a while which was always there in the background, but a session with Peer sorted it out and so far it hasn't returned. For any athlete I would recomend a monthly massage as part of your training regime.


I have seen Peer since  I moved to Chester and

wow, he is great. I suffer from migraines and have tried almost every therapy for them (including massage pre-Chester). I began to get relief after my first massage with Peer. I am confident he has isolated  and continues to treat the problem. He has given me tips to help ward them off as much as possible. In addition to that, I am more than relaxed and generally feel great. I cannot recomend him enough.

Thank you Peer!


Unlike so many 'massage therapists' out there, Peer is different. Having had  back issues for years I have had  dozens of massages that felt nice, but did nothing to help me.  Peer knows what he is doing and an hour massage delivers real relief. On each of my five appointments, Peer was clear about what he was trying to accomplish and explained the possible areas where I could act differently day to day to relieve stress.


Thanks for helping me achieve an ambition. I really couldn't have done the NY marathon without you. Your knowledge, expertise and kindness are sensational. Thanks.