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Sports Massage Therapy has made huge advances in recent years. No longer is it the preserve of professional athletes.  More and more people who take part in sport at all levels are seeking treatment to prevent and treat injury, and to reduce fatique or pain after an event.


Sports massage can  help you to perform better and cut down recovery time by 50%.

Benefits of sports massage

- improves blood circulation

- relieves muscle stiffness and tension

- stimulate nerve endings

- helps to relieve muscular pain

- increases or decreases muscle length

- helps to mentally prepare for an event

- assist in the removal of metabolic waste

- increase or decrease muscle tone

- lowers heart rate,  relaxes body & mind

When is Sports Massage Therapy beneficial?

- in preparation for an event

- to support a training programme

- post event to improve recovery

- to recover from injury  

- to prevent injury

- relieve tightness & / or stiffness  

 caused by general muscle aches & pains                                  

Sports Masssage Therapy.